Our journey commenced in 2015 as Abcube Products LLP and now it becomes Abcube Industries Pvt Ltd, when Kunal Agiwale along with his father Gopal Agiwale and his close friends Shashank Mestry, Pratik Patil and Dr. Mandar Jadhav saw an opportunity in the area of home cleaning and surround hygiene.

We soon began contract manufacturing manufacturing of concentrated floor cleaner and bucket of Home care, Industrial and institutional Cleaning Products and spent relentless hours promoting and selling concentrated floor cleaner in and around Mumbai, Pune. Our product was well received by customers and distributors alike. With strong validation to back us, we decided to take our product beyond Mumbai, Pune into the suburbs and nearby areas.

In 2015 within 4 years of being established, we set-up our first full-fledged production unit.

A strong distribution network was critical for our growth and we invested in creating a network to ensure availability of our product in neighborhood grocery stores to multi-chain department stores. Keeping in tandem with our growth over this decade, we set-up our fully semi automated production unit in 2018.

Abcube Industries  has capitalized on its traditional strengths as a Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Hand washing Soap, Harsh Surface cleaner, Utensils Cleaner, Liquid soaps, Glass Cleaners, Marble Cleaner manufacturer by introducing a range of products that caters to customers across all sections of the society.

Today, the company is led by Kunal Agiwale, a young, dynamic, astute leader with a vision to spread distribution across India.